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by julian brown

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released September 14, 2013

glen marshall:
production, engineering, mixing,

matthew barber:
engineering, production

anthony von seck:
setar, vsl

music, singing, bass, guitar, perc, production, mixing

dean stone:
drums, percussion

blake howard:
daf, percussion, drums on ‘why i had to go’

dave clark:
percussion, vocal arrangement & engineering on ‘aspirations’

bryden baird:
trumpet, flugelhorn,
engineering & horn arranging/solo on ‘i wait all night’

fiona stewart:

burke carrol:
pedal steel

mark mcmaster:

david french:
bass clarinet

perry white:
tenor saxophone, solo on ‘dream between the lies’

brodie west:
alto saxophone

jeff elliott:



all rights reserved


julian brown

Julian Harris Brown (born December 9, 1971) is a Canadian musician, singer, songwriter, and arranger. His harmonically rich music touches on a variety of sounds such as pop, rock & roll, r&b, first nations, country & western, brazilian, afro-cuban, persian, and progressive jazz by using diverse instrumentation within the context of indie pop. ... more

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Track Name: nature drives a wave
while traveling by canoe
she knelt on a sleepless lake
craving warmth by an open fire
rejection nestles in
while dalliance out of guilt slinks away
when shown desire

thwarting strengthens a hull
she could’ve held in sway
unspoken lies find a voice to seduce
reliant on natural awe
in contentment’s disarray
while her fate is outlying

nature drives a wave
one end’s up and one end’s down
while the water is much the same
tho a mile as the crow flies
it’s one mile up and one mile down
til she gets to the other side

love is a beautiful waste
when selfishness pervades
over war over lunch over you
ideals’ll dissipate
ambition a quiet wait
ok whatever, she’ll leave
Track Name: aspirations
a mother wolf
in tight
pacing and tired
by a mountainside
her distant moan
rattles off a wall of stone
where aspirations die

a wildfire
its way along
from tree to tree
and burnt alive
are her kin of five
where aspirations die

i'm not on speaker

one day they'll grieve
for all the wars we'll never fight
clone me now and i'm forever gone awry
to live in the past is always tryin to get to sleep
there's no shortage of idealogues to fleece
where aspirations die
Track Name: awake every night
awake every night
i wait on the light peekin thru the side of my drape to let me escape

awake every night
the wind in the lithe starlight
if wishin were true this wouldn't be right

lately i'm crossin at the red light
narrow miss
the driver curses me and flies

lately i'm fallin at the office
reachin past my coffee
barely squeakin by

lately i'm wishin for a forest
fishin for ambition
shyness - push it away

lately i'm dreamin of a forest
wishin for a statistician's impatient desire

awake every night
basically workin for a stranger
dreamin of a fire creature that cannot be born

awake every night
lately i'm gazin far away to find a love i had in mind ever since i been born
Track Name: why i had to go
whenever these wars die away
i’ll always be a soldier anyway
half the time i drink my booze
i’m drownin in spirits of men i shoot
the other half’s to try to say
why women & children get in harm’s way

tho i go
i’ll be there
when you grow
you will know why i had to go

when the bosses say let’s go
you put on yr helmet - can’t say no
when the bosses say come back
they put you in the office of a man in black
if the man in white diverts you in
the man in black has to eat yr sin
if the man in green is scratchin yr back
the man in blue already stole yr cash

tho i go
i’ll be there
when you grow
you will know why i had to go
Track Name: another holy day
wet snow slides in clumps off the edge of the roof thru an evergreen
it’s a war at xmas received from a tribal religious scene
there's so many things i wish i could say to you
but i will anyhow because it's true
because it's true

would you wait until i start
i can only be so smart
when you make me work around you
there is only so much i can do
on holy day

nothin i can do
nothin i can say
nothin i can do
another holy day
Track Name: music to shop to
ladies browsin at a sale
girls perusin the merchandise
wet umbrellas in a pail
babystrollers up & down the aisle

i can go for macchiatos over arcade fire
in all fairness i'm aware i'm wearin yoga attire

music to shop to

subtle nuances in tone from the fortuneteller's orifice
you can make it thru alone just so long as you can borrow this
delusion of selfimage in a credit card
iraqin up a deficit – it's not so hard

i wish i never felt this way just listen to the music play music to shop to

many flavours, every size, any shape you can mention
when you waver all our lies obliterate yr contention
the psychographic footprint of yr online path
will enlighten our designers – they just do the math

i wish i never felt this way
just listen to the music play
music to shop to

our blissful retail therapy anticipates yr eventual need

music to shop to
Track Name: can't be helped
in a rage
very calm
but still touching
it's not real
but it's live
i can deal
i'm not shuffling

all the ways i can help you are the ways that can't be helped

lotsa time
but no groove
i'm released
but not movin
i got out
still, i drive
in the grind
where it's soothing

all the ways i can help you are the ways that can't be helped
i can live in a lie if the dream's never ending
i can stay to get by when the rage is ascending
Track Name: i wait all night
all the secrets we could've had

all the weakness could've gone bad along the way

all the deep deliciously sad

i wait all night

i wait all night for you

impatience makes you react

if you wait then you'll retract it when yr grey

to retrace an old attraction washed away

i wait all night

i wait all night for you
Track Name: goin to drive around
in last night's dream
i found a room
in my old house
i never knew
was there a place
you wished to hide
when you couldn't bear
to mask yr pride?

the other night
i danced with you
jumped in excitement
when lightnin drew
the power down
didn't stop the band
i pressed my shoes
into yr hand

i couldn't wave to you
in the dark
i left the window
down in the car
my ass is wet
cuz the seat got drenched
i'm in no hurry
my nerve is quenched

no i won't arrive
at the feelin you suggest
til i catch my stride
the other shoe just needs a rest
so i'm goin to drive around
Track Name: dream between the lies
i got distracted makin up these words
i’ll get back to it when my user returns
run away
almost captured
almost free
almost related
so you can see why i’m run away

here’s a formulaic vacant remark
smirking online at a fallen star in a painkiller arc
logic far away
dream between the lies
and run away

rumour mills are to truth what puppy mills are to morality
when superconducting supercolliders reignite the original fires
there’s a chance they’ll discover me

here’s a formulaic vacant fake celebrity

melody is to music what thoughts are when you sleep
melody is to music what thoughts are
while the quiet sun observes
my run away

dream between the lies